A Look at How it is Possible For Cisco Consultants to Further Their Career Paths

Over the recent past, the demand for Cisco consultants has grown considerably. This rise in demand is directly attributable to the growing numbers of internet crimes that have been plaguing everyone today. Identity thefts are becoming more common and are considered a serious threat and the same is the case with terrorism related IT threats. Businesses and governments as well as individuals require some form of online protection which only qualified Cisco consultants will be able to provide.

More and more people are taking to shopping online and ecommerce too has grown considerably. The same is the case with using credit cards online and sharing personal information online has also become a common practice. All these aspects to using the Internet have ensured that there is today a greater need for having some protection from hackers and other kinds of online criminals.

Cisco consultants can provide the necessary services to help governments, businesses and individuals protect themselves. The job outlook for such professionals is rosy and there is in fact a continuous growth in demand for such IT professionals who need to possess certain skills and qualifications. This is why increasing numbers of training programs as well as schools are now offering the right kind of curriculum and certificates as well as degrees to produce the required type of personnel to handle security related issues.

Before enrolling in a course to get CISCO certification, it is a good idea to research several options. You must be careful about enrolling in programs that are new and not properly established. It is always safer and better to take up a course from a recognized institute or training facility because such places will have a past record of providing the right kind of education.

It is especially important to be on your guard about enrolling in fly by night schools that are all over the place and which can dupe you of your money if you are not careful. You should also have a good idea about the kind of qualifications and expertise that good Cisco consultants must possess if they wish to get ahead in their careers.

At the very least, these consultants must understand what it takes to analyze vulnerabilities and they also need to know how to properly manage firewalls and also provide proper protection against viruses and other forms of intrusion. It is also important for them to gain qualifications to ensure that they can provide security related consultancy and they must also know how to create networks as well as provide software related safety solutions.

Cisco consultants who wish to progress in their careers must also learn to appreciate that though there is a big demand for them, the employers who do the hiring will be very picky about who they choose. So, be prepared and know all about the latest trends as only then can you hope to cash in on this modern day digital oriented gold rush.

You should also have the required training and experience as these can help you in furthering your career goals. It is a good idea to get the required certificate or degree in computer security and these qualifications should be obtained from a reputable institute. At the least, be sure to obtain Cisco Certified Security Professional or Security expert certification.

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The Benefits of Using an Outsourced Business Consultant

Business process outsourcing is increasingly becoming popular. Just recently, some big names like Lloyds and HSBC, Carlsberg, and British Airways resorted to outsourcing some of their core functions including HR. But do not be deceived into thinking that business process outsourcing is a reserve of multinationals. Hiring an independent business consultant might just be what you need to run your business more efficiently thereby saving you a lot of money at the end of the day.

When you think about it, it is more expensive to hire a full-time staff member that is not fully utilised. While your staff might be very highly skilled in some areas, they might not be so good in other areas so that means there will be a lot of unproductive time that you will still be paying for. It is more cost-effective to outsource some functions to an experienced consultant that will only charge for several hours in a week or a month. There are three main ways you will save money for your business or start-up by using business outsourcing.

How Outsourcing Saves You Money

The first saving you will make is on the salary expenses. The cost benefit analysis of paying a full-time employee vis-à-vis outsourcing to a consultant will show you how much money your organisation will save every month. Apart from the savings on salary, there are other indirect costs that you will save on. These include pension contributions, health and other insurance, and various employee benefits. You do not have to incur these expenses when dealing with an independent business consultant. Lastly, you will not have to spend money on utilities related to having a full-time staff member like desk space, computers, and other administrative costs.

Examples of Services to Outsource

The most commonly outsourced services are human resources, I.T, accounting, bookkeeping and marketing. You can actually start by deploying special apps and software to automate the different processes. However, you will ultimately need the services of a consultant to keep everything up to date. Your time is better spent on business development other than managing the other day-to-day operations of your business. By and large, there are three broad categories of tasks that you should consider outsourcing:

1. Repetitive Tasks

Every business, whether big or small, has got some tasks that have to be repeated daily, weekly or monthly. Some of these tasks do not require too much time but they require consistency in frequency. Examples include marketing, data entry, shipping entries, accounts payable etc. An independent business consultant will help you handle these repetitive tasks efficiently and cost effectively.

2. Specialised Knowledge

You need an accountant to take care of your accounts department. However, good accountants cost a lot. It is cheaper to have a consultant that has these set of skills to come over once a month to put things in order.

3. Skilled Expertise

As a business owner, you may have no choice but to leverage technology to remain on the cutting edge of your industry. Granted, it might not be possible to have a full-time I.T staff member but you can outsource it to a company or a consultant.

The main objective of any business is to make a profit and it is not rocket science that cost cutting is the best way of maximising profit. When you outsource some of your services to an independent business consultant, you save your company money which ultimately leads to greater profits.

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7 Top Benefits of Small Business Consulting

Almost every small business experiences a moment when it seems everything is just stuck in time. It seems like no matter what you do you are stuck where you are and taking the business to the next level appears impossible. Right about then is when you should investigate what’s available to you in the way of small business consulting. Being the boss of a small enterprise can be a lonely job and one where a fresh pair of experienced eyes can provide you with the practical and emotional boost that you need. Here are a few benefits that you can expect to receive.

1. Clarifying your vision

Can you even remember what you had in mind when you started the business? Are you so caught up in the everyday issues of receivables, marketing, sales, financing and all the rest that what you really own is a job and not a business? A qualified consultant can get you back on track. He or she can help you to once again identify what you really want. Having a defined mission and understanding how all those independent functions work towards meeting it, makes the business far more satisfying.

2. Map out the way to your vision

Just knowing what you want to accomplish isn’t enough. You need a business plan that maps out step by step how you are going to get there and how you are going to know you have arrived. It must be measurable and realistically attainable. A consultant who specializes in small business can make this process immeasurably simpler than trying to do it yourself.

3. Build to scale

Your organizational structure has to be scalable if you want to handle growth. In many small businesses, outsourcing functions that are not key core competencies like accounting and human resources can be the difference between a company that can accommodate growth and one that simply collapses under the weight. Your consultant can help you design that organization.

4. Professional marketing

Your consultant can realistically analyze your market and estimate its value and use that information to develop short term and long term marketing goals. Developing marketing strategies, including internet marketing which is particularly attractive for small businesses, is another function of the consultant.

5. Freeing you up from the “job” so you can be the leader

An analysis of your operation will uncover those functions or processes that are eating up your time. A talented consultant will find a way around or through those roadblocks to productivity allowing you to do what you do best..run the company.

6. Build a better you

If your consultant also does business coaching you can look forward to a hands on education in how to be a better manager, problem solver and sales person. By assisting and challenging you through the problem solving process you’ll develop practices that allow you to make faster, and more accurate decisions. You’ll gain confidence and optimism and you’ll be a better leader.

7. Brainstorm on demand

Consulting doesn’t end after an analysis of the business. The relationship that you develop with the business consultant becomes a personal one and he becomes your business buddy. He or she is the one you can pick up the phone and brainstorm new ideas. Because the consultant is intimately knowledgeable of your business, these brainstorming sessions can prove phenomenally successful.

Small business consulting, particularly in these difficult times is almost a necessity for many smaller organizations. Isn’t it worth at least investigating the possibilities to see how you can benefit?

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Important Role of Job Consultant Services

A lot of highly qualified and trained youth are unemployed these days. There could be numerous reasons behind this. Firstly, population explosion has led to too many young people. Secondly, mushrooming of engineering and medicine colleges which have left aspiring students in a dilemma over career options. Thirdly, parental and peer pressure over professional choices. This has led to a youth which is qualified in only a particular set of requirements while the industry needs a different set of qualifications altogether. There is a sudden gap between the student and industry.

Job Consultants can play an important role in this regard and help bridge this gap. These consultants not only offer the right set of opportunities but also help in assisting through training programs. Several steps of interviews are conducted, which include group discussions and personality tests, and then the right candidate is chosen. Depending on the candidate’s qualifications and experience, the relevant opportunity is offered. Hence, a consultant’s responsibility is not just of finding the right job but also the right employee for that opportunity. But, being a consultant can be a daunting and challenging job in itself. To refer to various companies, organize a list of the several employment opportunities and then interview to select the right candidates could be a long stressful process. A consultant needs to invest a lot of time, energy and efforts into this job of finding jobs for other people.

Some of the major responsibilities of a consultant include-constantly find new businesses from client companies and update the list of openings; acquire an in-depth knowledge of the specific requirements of the client, which include the job description, salary package, location of work etc. and maintain a thorough database of candidates by managing a cordial relationship with colleges and training firms. Also, consultants need to reach their targets of filling the vacancies successfully. Meeting such targets will not only ensure a good service but also build a loyal relationship with the clients.

Maintaining a cordial relationship with potential employee sources like colleges, training firms and research institutes can help in the long run. This will ensure the staffing company gets the right applications which are crucial in fulfilling the objective of filling the vacancies. The consultant is also responsible for designing a revised and thorough program for the selection process. Every step of the selection process needs to be thoroughly explained to the candidates so that they can prepare themselves accordingly.

Balancing the relationship between companies and candidates can be tough at times. Hence, it is good to present the client with the candidate’s appropriate qualification with experience and accordingly present the candidate with the selection process terms & conditions and their responsibilities at the client company. Also, both the parties involved need to be suggested on handling the salary packages, pay rates, training programs and career progression in the future. Maintaining the balance between the employers and the employees is vital for a consultant’s career. The best way to do this is to develop a firm bond of trust and faith with both the communities.

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Enhance the Value to Your Clients With the Right Consultant Education

When your clients seek out your opinion and expertise, they do so because you are a recognized expert in your field, and they know that they can trust the answers and advice you provide. As a successful management consultant, you understand how important quality information is, and you are constantly seeking ways to increase your own level of education and expertise. That is why quality consultant education is so critical to the success of your firm. The right consultant education can help your business grow, allow you to provide even better service to all your clients, and cement your reputation as the go to expert in your chosen field.

The simple truth is that in the competitive world of business no one can afford to stand still, or to stop growing and learning. No matter how long you have been working as a management consultant, you can always learn more and become more successful with the right consultant education program. Finding a quality consultant education program is one of the best ways to ensure that the services you provide your clients are head and shoulders above the rest. If you keep learning while your competitors take it easy, your reputation will grow, and you will get a leg up on all your competitors, both experienced management consultants and newcomers.

New Rules and Regulations

One of the biggest benefits of embarking on a program of continuing education is that it keeps you abreast of the latest rules, regulations and laws that govern both the business of consulting and the businesses that serve as your clients. These days it seems the government is always looking for ways to regulate business and dictate how they operate, and your corporate clients deal with these issues every day. As a management consultant, learning about these new laws and how they affect your clients is a big part of your job. The right consultant education program can give you the skills you need to negotiate the complicated waters of industry and governmental regulation.

Top quality consultant education can also give you a heads up on the changes and new regulations affecting your own business. As an independent business person or business owner, you need to be aware of how changes to tax laws, reporting requirements and other regulations will affect your business in the years to come. By taking advantage of ongoing consultant education opportunities, you can be ready for those upcoming changes years ahead of schedule, while your competitors are still trying to figure out what to do.

The bottom line is that the time to start learning is now, and top notch consultant development program can help you provide better service to your clients, while at the same time reducing the bureaucratic red tape and tax pitfalls that can impact your business in a negative manner. No matter what your particular area of expertise, you can always become even more of an expert, and quality consultant education helps you do just that.

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Why Is Management Consulting Important For Your Organization?

Management consulting has become essential for the companies which take the concept of branding seriously. Management consulting is one broad term which encompasses all areas of business management.

Whether you are starting from the scratch or already an established corporate organization, seeking the services of the Management Consulting firm helps in improving your performance. Management consultants bail you out from existing business problems due to their relationships with various business organizations and also they are aware of the business practices existing in such places.

Management consulting firms also assist in change management. According to the Wikipedia “Change management is a structured approach to the change in individuals, teams, organizations and societies that enables the transition from a current state to a desired future state.” Change management is one of the tedious jobs for Management Consulting firms. Businesses need to revamp themselves from time to time in order to sustain their identity. This change management is mostly dependent on the peoples involved in it. Most of the time it is found that organizations fear to incorporate the change management because of the fear of upsetting the scheduled work routine. So the need for change management arises if people wish the forward progression of the company and feel that change is necessary to keep the things going.

HR consulting and project management are two of the various specializations of Management consulting. Human resources consulting or HR consulting helps the business organizations to refine their human resource processes. The HR consulting defines the employment philosophy, and business goals that are prevalent within the business organization. HR consulting is also delivered on issues pertaining to policy making, legal counseling, investments, appraisal management etc. Some of the HR consulting practices also include identifying the career paths, managing the organizational changes and helping out the clients with competitor research. Businesses who want to systematically handle their Human Resources activities always find it easy to employ a HR consulting service which will help them to find accurate answers to their HR queries.

Project management is one of the specializations of the Management consulting, which involves initiation, planning, organization, project execution, resource management and closing that influences the success of a project. Project management is best described as the process which ensures that project is completed at predefined time adhering to constraints like scope, quality, budget and time. The minute tracking progress is very essential part of Project management to ensure the rapid progress and execution of each and every step of the Project. The most effective project management initiative will help you in developing a framework of the project which defines its principles, competencies and methodology related to work.

So if you are aiming to build your identity in business world then don’t think twice to approach a management consulting firm.

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Marketing Consulting Fees

The Business Assessment

Otherwise known as the initial consultation, its typically the first step where both businesses get to know each other. These are usually done free of charge and are a great way for the business owner to understand what a particular consultant can do for them and of course for the consultant to demonstrate their capabilities.

Once this assessment has been done the consultant can provide idea of the work involved and what the likely costs may be. This will form part of a strategy or implementation plan, with clear costs associated with each step which will be discussed during the initial meetings.

This to watch out for here are any hidden surprises. The more open and upfront a consultant is about their fees, and the clearer the understanding you have about what they are going to do for that money that control you will have over your expenditure.

A phased plan, in stages will give a business hiring a consultant a chance to assess what has been achieved and the likely return on that investment and whether to proceed to the next phase, reducing the risk and possible over exposure of unnecessary costs or expenses.

Costs Involved During The Marketing Process

The consultant will be focused on putting together and delivering each stage of the development programme and in order to do that additional steps such as research may be involved. When it comes to the implementation, additional people may also be required such as staff or contracted services where resources do not exist in house. Where tangible items need to be produced such as printing marketing collateral, getting promotional items, creating a website or running advertising etc. these will be considered additional expenses to the consultants costs.

Remember, that paying for expert services will not be free so you should be prepared to invest in the consultant to help you deliver the maximum return for your marketing efforts.

Costs may be based on an hourly rate or per project phase.

Ensuring An Effective Working Relationships

The reason you are hiring a consultant is to assist you in reaching certain goals or desired results. You should never be handing over the reigns of your business to a consultant and let them make whatever changes they feel appropriate as that could have disastrous results. Instead, a consultant should be working along side you and your business which may involved them getting involved directly in it or remotely from it, working as a part of your business team.

These will also make it fairly apparent what is being done, why its being done and the expected results.

Getting A Handle On Results

The reason you are considering hiring a consultant is to help your business so you need to get a handle on results to ensure its working for you. A return on investment is crucial for any financially orientated organisation, so data that helps you to see what is happening and the financial gains is very important to making the right decisions.

Sometimes immediate results are not achievable in terms of direct profits, however other indicators such as increases in enquiry levels, increases in sales, reductions in marketing expenditure for the same or better results can provide useful milestones as to whether you are heading in the right direction.

To understand this correctly you need to have a bench mark of your current situation, which the consultant can help you create so that you can measure performance against a known quantity and therefore whether it is positive or negative.

Room To Manoeuvre

Bear in mend that at some stages of the process trial and error may be required as every business and situation differs, so you will have to use your best judgement as to whether the right steps are being taken towards making a breakthrough. If you have the right consultant, that should not be a problem.

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Is a HUD 203(K) Consultant Required on Your Rehab Loan?

HUD is the acronym for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. HUD offers low-cost dwellings and grants to assist families in getting decent housing. FHA, or the Federal Housing Administration, is a division of HUD that provides mortgage insurance for loans on single-family homes that are the main residences for eligible families.

A 203(k) consultant has been approved to operate as a consultant by submitting the requirements requested by HUD and the FHA. These requirements mainly consist of experience in the construction and home inspection industry that allows the consultant to function in the capacity required in the 203(k) rehabilitation loan process.

Once the requirements have been met, HUD certifies the individual as a “203(k) Consultant”. This certification allows the individual to operate as a consultant on loans insured by the FHA. The consultant is issued a certification number and the consultant’s position can be researched on the HUD website by either looking up the certification number or the consultant’s name.

The loans are typically originated by an FHA approved lender and once the borrower has met the requirements for the loan and the property qualifies for the program, the loan is issued and the repairs and improvements can be completed. See below for the HUD website that lists all approved 203(k) lenders by area.

What Does a 203(k) Consultant Do?

There are two kinds of loans under the 203(k) loan program. The first one is the “203(k) Streamline” and this can be used for minor repairs and cosmetic upgrades, but not for more extensive repairs or repairs concerned with structural repairs and upgrades. This loan has a maximum amount of $35,000. A 203(k) Consultant is not required for this type of loan, however it is recommended to make the procedure smoother.

The regular 203(k) loan covers more extensive repairs, additions and structural upgrades. The maximum amount for this loan varies by neighborhood.

Look into maximum loan amount by area here: https://entp.hud.gov/idapp/html/hicostlook.cfm

Check lenders in your area here: http://www.hud.gov/ll/code/llslcrit.cfm

On a regular 203(k) loan, a 203(k) Loan Consultant is obligatory. A consultant is involved from the inception of the loan process and continues to be involved throughout the construction until all the work is complete. The consultant inspects the property to assess its condition and evaluates what sort of repairs must be made per the HUD guidelines, called “Minimum Property Standards”. If any of these requirements are in need of repair, the loan must have a budget amount to cover those repairs.

Above and beyond the minimum repairs that are required, the homeowner can borrow extra money to make repairs such as rehabilitate a kitchen or bathroom, or constructing a new addition. The consultant works with the borrower, the lender and the contractor to ensure the budget covers all the required repairs per HUD, the desired repairs by the homeowner and the various fees, such as permit costs and contingency budget to cover unforeseen items. Along with this budget, the consultant prepares all the necessary paperwork required by FHA and the approved lender to help fund the loan.

Once the loan funds and the construction has started, the consultant will visit the property to verify that the construction is being done per the specifications initially agreed upon and to verify that the contractor’s billing is in line with the progress on the project. At this point the consultant will prepare a progress billing and present that to the lender for further processing and payment.

When the project is finished, the consultant will visit the property to make sure all the work has been completed properly, per the specifications and to make sure the permits have been signed off by the building inspector of record. When all these requirements have been met, the consultant forwards the final paperwork and billing to the lender and the remaining funds from the loan are paid out.

The 203(k) loan program is an terrific program for home repairs and when you have an experienced lender, contractor and a good consultant involved, it makes the process smooth. The loan is, to a degree, more complicated than a standard loan, but if you are working with experienced people, you will likely not run into any issues.

You can find more data on my website and if you are in the Los Angeles area or surrounding counties, please call me for your 203(k) consulting needs.

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Toshi Automatic’s Sliding Gate at Victoria Memorial completes one year

Toshi Automatic Systems Pvt. Ltd., India’s leading automation company offering a wide range of automation products for homes, offices and industries, has announced that one of its most prominent installations, an automatic sliding gate at the Victoria Memorial in Kolkata, has successfully completed its first year.
Speaking on the achievement, Mr. Sanjeev Sachdev, Managing Director, Toshi Automatic Systems Pvt. Ltd., said, “It is a privilege to be the vendor of choice for this prestigious assignment that we won not because of affordable pricing but primarily because of the quality of our products and the support services, which our brand Toshi Automatic is famous for, across the length and breadth of India.”

Powered by a state-of-the-art automatic sliding gate operator unit from Ditec Entrematic, an automation technology giant from Italy, the sliding gate installed by Toshi Automatic at the Victoria Memorial weighs over 100 kg.

Elaborating upon the technology powering the sliding gate, Mr. Kapil Sachdev, Chief Technology Officer, Toshi Automatic Systems Pvt. Ltd., said, “The 20m wide and 10m high sliding gate is made of military grade steel and it automatically opens or closes fully within 6 seconds of receiving the instruction sent to its control unit, either by click of a button or through a sensory device that tracks movements and proximity of objects.”

Erected on the grounds by the bank of the Hooghly River, the Victoria Memorial is a large marble building in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Like the Taj Mahal, the Victoria Memorial is built of white Makrana marble and is a memorial to an empress, Queen Victoria (1819–1901). Today, it is an immensely popular tourist destination and a public museum being managed under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, Government of India.

Toshi Automatic’s sliding gate installation is contributing to strengthening the security measures at Victoria Memorial and helping the authorities better manage the inflow of people and vehicles, while also drastically reducing the wait times and possibility of any traffic jams at or around the entrance.

Large number of people regularly throng the Victoria Memorial because of its 25 galleries including the royal gallery, the national leaders gallery, the portrait gallery, central hall, the sculpture gallery, the arms and armoury gallery and the newer, Calcutta gallery. People also visit Victoria Memorial to witness the collection of rare and antiquarian books such as the illustrated works of William Shakespeare, the Arabian Nights and the Rubaiyat by Omar Khayyam as well as books about kathak dance and thumri music by Wazid Ali Shah.

The Victoria Memorial gardens are spread across an area of 64 acres (260,000 sqm) and are maintained by a team of gardeners. On the Esch’s bridge, between the narrative panels, there is a bronze statue of Queen Victoria, seated on her throne, wearing the robes of the Star of India.

“We operate from one of the most modern design and manufacturing facilities in the business and employ a team of highly skilled engineers to ensure reliable installations and impeccable services. We are geographically well placed to meet the needs of our wide customer base around the country, which spans individual homes, manufacturing and service companies, leisure operators and local authorities,” concluded Mr. Kapil Sachdev.

Toshi’s installations can be found at various airports, hospitals, chemical plants, petroleum plants, power generation sites, car and lorry parks, theme parks, hotels, caravan parks, shopping centres, retail parks, manufacturing facilities and office developments spread across India.

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12th March, 2018, Barcelona, Spain,

Rosalee Travel Blog – ( https://domitravelsinasia.wordpress.com/ ) is a Spanish based travel blogger with an international reach featuring Internet based blogging to her followers and fans. According to Rosalee Douglas – I am delighted to announce the launch of our redesigned blog, which became effective as of March 1st, 2018.

In this blog, visitors will find a trove of travel and leisure related topics, which ties in elegantly to Rosalee’s travel experiences , her unique adventures and the who, what, where and when while discovering new places around the globe.

Her aim is to revolutionize various locations, places and things to do in a low cost and efficient way.

The re-launch of the travel blog came just in time for spring and upcoming summer holiday season.”Our goal is to become the go-to as exceptional travel information as well as an industry leader in locating places and things to do,” said Rosalee, the primary blogger and Communication Manager.

“The new design was selected because of its ideal platform for people to interact and engage with her. The blog is the perfect opportunity to feature great content to those seeking information about travel tips, adventure travel and to stimulate conversation within the Travel and Leisure Industry.”

Our new design include more content and improved navigation capability to enhance the experience of every visitor to our new website, and to connect them to useful information that will help them to learn about new places to visit and things to do.

Another useful feature of the redesign was to build quick links to our main website’s social media platforms, Twitter feed, spotlight, featured, and DIY sections.

I invite you to visit the website and learn more about Rosalee’s many travel adventure stories.

Rosalee Travel Blog profile:

We are a Spanish based blogger with a global reach. Our mission is to provide our fans to fun, engaging and awesome things to do and places to travel around the globe.

On this blog, readers will find an abundance of unique travel and related content as well as a travel tips that parallels the evolution of the Travel and Leisure industry.

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