Is a HUD 203(K) Consultant Required on Your Rehab Loan?

HUD is the acronym for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. HUD offers low-cost dwellings and grants to assist families in getting decent housing. FHA, or the Federal Housing Administration, is a division of HUD that provides mortgage insurance for loans on single-family homes that are the main residences for eligible families.

A 203(k) consultant has been approved to operate as a consultant by submitting the requirements requested by HUD and the FHA. These requirements mainly consist of experience in the construction and home inspection industry that allows the consultant to function in the capacity required in the 203(k) rehabilitation loan process.

Once the requirements have been met, HUD certifies the individual as a “203(k) Consultant”. This certification allows the individual to operate as a consultant on loans insured by the FHA. The consultant is issued a certification number and the consultant’s position can be researched on the HUD website by either looking up the certification number or the consultant’s name.

The loans are typically originated by an FHA approved lender and once the borrower has met the requirements for the loan and the property qualifies for the program, the loan is issued and the repairs and improvements can be completed. See below for the HUD website that lists all approved 203(k) lenders by area.

What Does a 203(k) Consultant Do?

There are two kinds of loans under the 203(k) loan program. The first one is the “203(k) Streamline” and this can be used for minor repairs and cosmetic upgrades, but not for more extensive repairs or repairs concerned with structural repairs and upgrades. This loan has a maximum amount of $35,000. A 203(k) Consultant is not required for this type of loan, however it is recommended to make the procedure smoother.

The regular 203(k) loan covers more extensive repairs, additions and structural upgrades. The maximum amount for this loan varies by neighborhood.

Look into maximum loan amount by area here:

Check lenders in your area here:

On a regular 203(k) loan, a 203(k) Loan Consultant is obligatory. A consultant is involved from the inception of the loan process and continues to be involved throughout the construction until all the work is complete. The consultant inspects the property to assess its condition and evaluates what sort of repairs must be made per the HUD guidelines, called “Minimum Property Standards”. If any of these requirements are in need of repair, the loan must have a budget amount to cover those repairs.

Above and beyond the minimum repairs that are required, the homeowner can borrow extra money to make repairs such as rehabilitate a kitchen or bathroom, or constructing a new addition. The consultant works with the borrower, the lender and the contractor to ensure the budget covers all the required repairs per HUD, the desired repairs by the homeowner and the various fees, such as permit costs and contingency budget to cover unforeseen items. Along with this budget, the consultant prepares all the necessary paperwork required by FHA and the approved lender to help fund the loan.

Once the loan funds and the construction has started, the consultant will visit the property to verify that the construction is being done per the specifications initially agreed upon and to verify that the contractor’s billing is in line with the progress on the project. At this point the consultant will prepare a progress billing and present that to the lender for further processing and payment.

When the project is finished, the consultant will visit the property to make sure all the work has been completed properly, per the specifications and to make sure the permits have been signed off by the building inspector of record. When all these requirements have been met, the consultant forwards the final paperwork and billing to the lender and the remaining funds from the loan are paid out.

The 203(k) loan program is an terrific program for home repairs and when you have an experienced lender, contractor and a good consultant involved, it makes the process smooth. The loan is, to a degree, more complicated than a standard loan, but if you are working with experienced people, you will likely not run into any issues.

You can find more data on my website and if you are in the Los Angeles area or surrounding counties, please call me for your 203(k) consulting needs.

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Toshi Automatic’s Sliding Gate at Victoria Memorial completes one year

Toshi Automatic Systems Pvt. Ltd., India’s leading automation company offering a wide range of automation products for homes, offices and industries, has announced that one of its most prominent installations, an automatic sliding gate at the Victoria Memorial in Kolkata, has successfully completed its first year.
Speaking on the achievement, Mr. Sanjeev Sachdev, Managing Director, Toshi Automatic Systems Pvt. Ltd., said, “It is a privilege to be the vendor of choice for this prestigious assignment that we won not because of affordable pricing but primarily because of the quality of our products and the support services, which our brand Toshi Automatic is famous for, across the length and breadth of India.”

Powered by a state-of-the-art automatic sliding gate operator unit from Ditec Entrematic, an automation technology giant from Italy, the sliding gate installed by Toshi Automatic at the Victoria Memorial weighs over 100 kg.

Elaborating upon the technology powering the sliding gate, Mr. Kapil Sachdev, Chief Technology Officer, Toshi Automatic Systems Pvt. Ltd., said, “The 20m wide and 10m high sliding gate is made of military grade steel and it automatically opens or closes fully within 6 seconds of receiving the instruction sent to its control unit, either by click of a button or through a sensory device that tracks movements and proximity of objects.”

Erected on the grounds by the bank of the Hooghly River, the Victoria Memorial is a large marble building in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Like the Taj Mahal, the Victoria Memorial is built of white Makrana marble and is a memorial to an empress, Queen Victoria (1819–1901). Today, it is an immensely popular tourist destination and a public museum being managed under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, Government of India.

Toshi Automatic’s sliding gate installation is contributing to strengthening the security measures at Victoria Memorial and helping the authorities better manage the inflow of people and vehicles, while also drastically reducing the wait times and possibility of any traffic jams at or around the entrance.

Large number of people regularly throng the Victoria Memorial because of its 25 galleries including the royal gallery, the national leaders gallery, the portrait gallery, central hall, the sculpture gallery, the arms and armoury gallery and the newer, Calcutta gallery. People also visit Victoria Memorial to witness the collection of rare and antiquarian books such as the illustrated works of William Shakespeare, the Arabian Nights and the Rubaiyat by Omar Khayyam as well as books about kathak dance and thumri music by Wazid Ali Shah.

The Victoria Memorial gardens are spread across an area of 64 acres (260,000 sqm) and are maintained by a team of gardeners. On the Esch’s bridge, between the narrative panels, there is a bronze statue of Queen Victoria, seated on her throne, wearing the robes of the Star of India.

“We operate from one of the most modern design and manufacturing facilities in the business and employ a team of highly skilled engineers to ensure reliable installations and impeccable services. We are geographically well placed to meet the needs of our wide customer base around the country, which spans individual homes, manufacturing and service companies, leisure operators and local authorities,” concluded Mr. Kapil Sachdev.

Toshi’s installations can be found at various airports, hospitals, chemical plants, petroleum plants, power generation sites, car and lorry parks, theme parks, hotels, caravan parks, shopping centres, retail parks, manufacturing facilities and office developments spread across India.

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12th March, 2018, Barcelona, Spain,

Rosalee Travel Blog – ( ) is a Spanish based travel blogger with an international reach featuring Internet based blogging to her followers and fans. According to Rosalee Douglas – I am delighted to announce the launch of our redesigned blog, which became effective as of March 1st, 2018.

In this blog, visitors will find a trove of travel and leisure related topics, which ties in elegantly to Rosalee’s travel experiences , her unique adventures and the who, what, where and when while discovering new places around the globe.

Her aim is to revolutionize various locations, places and things to do in a low cost and efficient way.

The re-launch of the travel blog came just in time for spring and upcoming summer holiday season.”Our goal is to become the go-to as exceptional travel information as well as an industry leader in locating places and things to do,” said Rosalee, the primary blogger and Communication Manager.

“The new design was selected because of its ideal platform for people to interact and engage with her. The blog is the perfect opportunity to feature great content to those seeking information about travel tips, adventure travel and to stimulate conversation within the Travel and Leisure Industry.”

Our new design include more content and improved navigation capability to enhance the experience of every visitor to our new website, and to connect them to useful information that will help them to learn about new places to visit and things to do.

Another useful feature of the redesign was to build quick links to our main website’s social media platforms, Twitter feed, spotlight, featured, and DIY sections.

I invite you to visit the website and learn more about Rosalee’s many travel adventure stories.

Rosalee Travel Blog profile:

We are a Spanish based blogger with a global reach. Our mission is to provide our fans to fun, engaging and awesome things to do and places to travel around the globe.

On this blog, readers will find an abundance of unique travel and related content as well as a travel tips that parallels the evolution of the Travel and Leisure industry.

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Get Free Musically Followers in 2 Minutes without Downloading Apps

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With this online generator you can get free musically followers in easy and cost free format. The online generator that works for you is coded to work seamlessly with no technical errors. Once you request to get a maximum number of followers, fans or hearts, the Musically generator works in the backend and completes the whole task without efforts. They have proven track record in providing genuine and quality Musically fans. Real human beings are involved in the increase of fans, followers and hearts.

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Purchase Express LLC has introduced a unique version of the cloud-based dashboard for shipping

Purchase Express LLC introduces a new version of their cloud-based dashboard for shipping. This company is a complete software company to develop new and advanced software. Software products of unique career prove helpful to automate and optimize logistics and offer the tools to manage all operations.
Cloud-based shipping dashboard is their specialty to bring convenience in the life of warehouse employees. The shipping procedure requires to input and scan an order number. This unique system will draw the information of consignee from ERP and populate the shipping information. Once employees enter the weight and pieces inform, the system automatically rates shipment in the background and display available courier to the required destination.

The new version of cloud-based shipping dashboard can be accessed via It makes it easy for everyone to manage shipment orders with the advanced version of cloud-based shipping dashboard. The dashboard includes the social, mobile and cloud technology to offer the best possible results.

The advanced application proves helpful for Purchase Express LLC to streamline all its procedures. They can manage their projects without missing any deadline. Without any doubt, the cloud-based shipping dashboard of Purchase Express LLC can improve the efficiency of each business.

This unique technology can incorporate the resources of every stage to bring transparency in the logistics procedure. The cloud-based application can live up to the expectations of users and service providers. The users can precisely know about the confirmation and shipping of their orders.

The cloud-based dashboard plays a pivotal role to improve the relations between business and its customers. Purchase Express LLC has introduced this application to decrease risk factor for each business. This new technology can be the right answer to all possible concerns of businesses.

The cloud-based shipping dashboard allows management to keep an eye on all procedures. Introduction of this unique dashboard makes it easy for management to set their quality standards. It will become easy for management to determine the possible loopholes in the business and performance of employees.

Cloud-based shipping dashboard allows customers to have an idea about the internal operations of an organization. It can be a good substitute for customer support because sometimes customers find it difficult to access customer support for any technical reason. They can see the application of cloud to know the current status of their order.

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Giftcart Revamps Their Product Categories For the Summer

As people are entering into this fresh summer with fresh new aspirations, dreams and plans; They might have plans for the upcoming celebrations as well., the leading online gift shopping portal has arrived to assist everyone for making the summer celebration meaningful and joyful. has announced exciting new segments of gift products especially designed for the upcoming season. They have made this addition at the beginning of this year. Thus the aspirant buyers that wish to create a memorable impression through their gifts can select their gift products for their beloved right away. is most reliable source for gifts on various occasions. The portal has conducted a market survey and new additions are being added so as to meet the demands. Rather than flooding all the categories at a single instance, the portal is slowly introducing new gifts. They will keep on adding new product ranges according to the relevance on subsequent special occasions. has tied up with some marketing experts that have studied the latest trends in the online shopping scenario. Thus the online store is planning to get a drastic leap in the market share in the coming year concentrating on occasion based gift sales. As romantic gifts for her would be on demand during this season, the gift store has increased the range of varieties by adding different segments such as personalized gifts, customized gifts, adventure gifts, movie ticket vouchers, discount coupons for dinner dates at select restaurants in the major cities and so on. Thus the aspirants that wish to make the most of this would get attractive and never seen before gift ideas at Thus the youngsters would find much appealing and uncommon varieties of romantic gifts that they can order for their partners.

The online store has introduced fabulous new concepts with great emotional and sentimental value. These new concepts would be the best suited with romantic gifts that would sometimes prove to be better than the typical ‘materialistic’ gift ideas. The cost of the gifts would be sometimes least important when the partners would be desperate about spending time with each other due to their busy work schedules. has come forward with some revolutionary gift ideas taking the opportunity to provide great experiences along with the pleasure and gladness of presenting and receiving fabulous gifts.

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How to Screen Prospective Consultants

The current market for hiring consultants is still one of the growth areas as many companies struggle to survive during this current global economic climate. The reason is clear. More companies then ever before realize the strategic value of hiring consultants to identify the opportunities to increase productivity and profitability.

The top consulting companies who are benefiting from this increasing demand are those who understand what they need to do to compete as this market intensifies. The better ones have their own internal and rigorous selection processes prospective consultants will need to pass before being accepted as a qualified consultant. These top consulting firms will also perform a detailed analysis matching the exact requirements provided by the client with the skills and talents of their consultants to ensure the best consultant or consultant team is assigned to the project.

Consider using a reputable consulting company who not only has these rigorous checks in place but who also provides dedicated support throughout the life of the project. You will find that this is a cost effective way of identifying the strengths and skills you need to grow your business.

How Are Prospective Consultants Screened?

Interviews are an excellent way of gathering information as well as providing the consultant with the opportunity to sell himself or herself to the company. However, an effective screening process goes beyond that by verifying what the consultant has done and can do, what skills and talents they possess, their interpersonal skills and their ability to manage projects.

What skills, talents and personal attributes are actually verified as part of the screening process? These may vary by some degree depending on the consulting firm and their chosen fields of expertise. However, the more common ones are…

  • Qualifications – proof of the learning processes the consultant has undertaken and the relevant qualifications attained.
  • Track Record – how well the consultant has performed on previous assignments. The honesty to explain when projects have been less than successful as well as highlighting the most significant accomplishments.
  • Research – how well the consultant knows their declared areas of expertise. How up to date the consultant is with the market such as emerging technologies, strengths and weaknesses, and potential growth opportunities.
  • Strategic Thinking – the ability to stand back and take in the “bigger picture”. The ability to take the strategic direction of the company and define the action plan required to meet the company’s objectives.
  • Commercial Awareness – linked to research, what knowledge the consultant has of the competitive forces working within their chosen markets.
  • Lateral Thinking – the ability to look for new and innovative solutions.
  • Analytical Skills – the ability to think logically and methodically. The intellectual ability to seek out the true root causes to issues and challenges facing the company.
  • Presentation Skills – the ability to present analyses in a concise and convincing manner.
  • Management Skills – how well the consultants manages his or her time to maximize their productivity. How well the consultant manages others within the working environment.
  • Commitment – can the consultant demonstrate a willingness to go beyond what is expected such as working well under pressure, working long hours and so on?
  • Personal Drive – how well can the consultant demonstrate a personal drive and ambition to get the most out of their chosen career?
  • Interpersonal Skills – often difficult to measure and verify. However, without the ability to form sound working relationships with colleagues and clients, without the ability to communicate effectively at all levels, there will always be a doubt as to how well the consultant will perform.

The above skills and talents are regarded as essential attributes by the most reputable consulting companies. These companies have the experience and the expertise to build an exact picture of who the consultant is and where the consultant will add true value to your company.

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How To Work With A Consultant

The most important thing to remember is that hiring a consultant is an investment, not a cost, and should produce a return on that investment. Keep that in mind and the rest is easy (well, easier anyway).


If hiring a consultant is an investment, what sort of return should you expect. Well, that depends on why you’re bringing in an outside consultant and the nature of the work. And that leads into the second most important thing to remember; hire a consultant for specific things, don’t hire a consultant if you don’t have specific requirements, set objectives, or defined outcomes. If you only have vague ideas on what you want a consultant to do, you’re in trouble. Of course, there may be times when you hire a consultant to help you develop specific requirements for a not yet defined project. In that case, the objectives for this particular consultant would center around developing the defined objectives and outcomes of the greater project. That’s fairly common, especially for an undertaking that is something new for your organization or is much larger or more complex than you’re used to developing.

There are any number of things you might hire a consultant for. The difference between hiring a consultant and outsourcing work to a “regular” vendor is generally in terms of scope. A consultant is generally hired for specific projects that are well defined, which includes a defined time frame, whereas a vendor is usually more of a long-term relationship involving regular deliveries of products or services, or multiple projects over an open-ended time period. Consultants are hired for their specialized skills and expertise, to bring in an outside perspective not tied to internal culture and politics, for a fresh, creative perspective to a particular issue, to free up internal resources for special projects, and to educate and train the internal workforce, which can include executive management all the way down to the lowest tier workers.

You might hire consultants for everything from developing marketing campaigns, conducting research and development activities, technology recommendations and implementation, process improvement, financial recommendations, executive coaching, management systems development, implementation, and training, and anything in between. The specific requirements for a consultant will be different depending on what you’re bringing them in to help you with. If you hire a consultant to provide recommendations for a technological solution to a particular issue, the requirements you develop for the consultant will include, of course, a final recommendation. But you don’t want to just leave it at that, that’s too open ended by itself. You probably want to include other requirements, like documented and substantiated backup for why the particular solution was recommended. You might want the requirements to include the documented methodology that was used to review the options and determine the recommendation. Put some thought and effort into defining your requirements for the consultant. You’re spending money for results, and you want those results to be valid.

Interviewing Potential Consultants

Potential consultants for each project may be someone you’ve worked with before, they may be someone you’re familiar with, but haven’t worked with, they may have been recommended to you, or they may be someone totally new and unfamiliar to you. No matter which category they might fall into, potential consultants should be interviewed prior to being awarded a contract. Even if you’ve worked with someone before, each project is unique and you want to ensure the best fit of consultant with the project. Even if the project is the same, or very similar, to one the consultant has already worked with you on, if any time has elapsed since the completion of the project, things have changed, so interview them anyway.

At this stage, you’ve probably already determined whether the potential consultants have the skills and expertise needed to complete the project. You’re interested in their fit with the project, their work philosophy, and their methodologies. Since you’ve defined the requirements and the expected outcomes, you looking at how the consultant is going to go about achieving them. You don’t want to define how they go about doing their work, but you want to make sure that they will mesh with your internal organization, when required, so that the goals will be achieved within the time frame you’ve outlined.

Ask tough questions. Ask what they’ll do if certain things happen, like unforeseen events. They’ll probably have good answers for you, but look at how they answer them, their attitude, and their perspective on things.

When the Work Begins

So, you’ve selected your consultant and hired them. Now what? Do you just sit back and wait for something to come out down the road? Probably not a good idea. You want them to do their work, their way, but you want to monitor them and keep informed of their progress and how things are going along the way.

In your contract, whether it’s formal or informal, you should define how you’ll monitor their progress and how they’ll report their progress. A lot will depend on the scope, length, and complexity of the project. You might require very detailed written progress reports on a weekly, or less, basis, or you might just want a quick, informal chat on an irregular basis. I’d lean more towards requiring a more formal, written, and regular report, even if it’s short and simple.

You don’t want to get in the way, but this is an investment, so you want to keep an eye on things. For the most part you want to leave them alone to do their work. But, you want to be aware of any potential glitches before they erupt into full-blown problems. You need to know if any internal resources have to be added or allocated, and if the project will be completed on-time and will meet expectations. It’s better to know these things beforehand, rather than be surprised with some special requests or unfulfilled expectations.

Again, it will depend on the project, but the question of where the consultants will work may need to be addressed. For some projects you’ll have the consultant sitting with internal staff, working side-by-side. In some instances, the consultant will work away from your facilities. They may work out of their own office, they might be on the road meeting with some of your partner organizations, such as suppliers or customers, or they might just work virtually from some distant home base. It all depends on the nature of the project, the requirements, your needs, and the needs of the consultant. Be flexible. If you think the consultant has to be in your sight at all times, and they do not, look at it from their point of view. Since you’ve already defined the objectives and the progress reporting requirements, there isn’t always a need to have the consultant around just to have them around.

After Project Completion

After the project is completed and wrapped up, you should always conduct a follow up session, or debriefing. Review what went well, what didn’t go as well as expected, why things either did or didn’t go as expected, and how you can improve the process. Anything you can learn about the process of hiring and working with a consultant will benefit you, and them. Chances are you’ll utilize a consultant again in the future, so the more you can improve the process, the better. And if you utilize the same consultant, all the better to maximize your investment.

If you’re happy with the work that was performed, write a recommendation that the consultant can use for marketing. Consulting is very much a relationship based business, and personal testimonies from satisfied clients are valued and appreciated. Don’t wait to be asked, provide it at the completion of the project. This will also help you with your relationship with the consultant, which is always good. You never know when you’ll need their services again, so it’s beneficial to establish a good relationship.

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