The Do’s and Don’ts when buying a Car with Bad Credit

Bad credit is surely a mistake of your past. But you can stop it from affecting your future. Purchasing a new car or a used car is possible with bad credit, provided you understand the auto buying process. Bad credit history may make you a less preferred credit borrower. But bad credit is not the end of your world. If you take care of a few things, you can get an auto loan even with bad credit. All you have to do is to understand the “do’s” and “don’ts” of bad credit car buying.

Things to Keep in Mind while Buying a Car with Bad Credit

The following list of things will help you to put across a strong case in obtaining a car when you suffer from bad credit.

A. The Do’s of Bad Credit Car Buying

i). Do Take Actions to Increase Your Credit Score

The primary element that comprises an auto loan approval is a good credit score. While you cannot change your financial history, you can surely put effort into improving your credit score before applying for the auto loan. A few things you can do to increase your credit score is to pay off your lenders and pay your bills on time. An increase in your credit score will positively impact your auto loan approval chances.

ii) Do Get a Co-Signer

A co-signer is liable to pay any amount of the auto loan that you are unable to pay to the lender. A co-signer can be your spouse, family member, or friend. In the case of bad credit history, a co-signer with a decent credit score of 630 or above will improve your chances of getting an auto loan approval. Therefore, do ensure that you have a co-signer on your side when you go to finalize your auto loan.

iii) Do Think About a Second Chance Auto Loan

Everyone deserves a reliable car to travel from one place to another but not everyone has a good credit score to obtain the car. Does that mean a person with bad credit should not buy a car? Well, you can choose second chance auto loans. They are designed for people who have suffered from bad credit history and wish to obtain an auto loan. The interest rates may be higher but you can negotiate with the lender to obtain affordable financing. Remember that a second chance auto loan is a great way to obtain your dream car and not compromise on your mode of transport.

B. The Don’ts of Bad Credit Car Buying

i) Don’t Overshoot Your Budget with Extras

Once you walk into the dealership, do not get distracted and agree to the sweet talks of the salesperson. Your primary focus is to obtain a car and car financing for bad credit. Do not focus on other fancy offers which are dead investments in the long run. Be informed about your warranties, GAP insurance, and auto loan terms and conditions. Sit down with the salesperson and match your budget with the car that you can afford. A used car that is a year old can be the place to start looking for an affordable car.

ii) Don’t Skip a Pre-approved Auto Loan

A pre-approved auto loan will make your bad credit car buying experience very pleasant. It tells you how much money you can afford to spend on a car. You can also negotiate for a lower car price as you already have a pre-approved car loan. Therefore, apply for a pre-approved car loan and take the help of a co-signer to obtain the best auto loan deal.

iii) Don’t Finalize the Car in a Rush

Take your sweet time when you are finalizing your auto loan and choosing your car. Make sure you research all cars that fit your requirements and shop around the dealerships to search for the right deal and the right car. Read all the documents carefully before signing your auto loan contract. Many times, bad credit auto buyers may be tempted to just get a good car but not read about the underlying charges. Therefore, make sure to understand all the factors of a bad credit auto loan before purchasing your car.

Follow the Plan

Buying a car with bad credit is easy when you have a plan in mind. Do not say yes to any lender who approves you. Research in advance, find out more about the auto financing company, discuss your requirements, and calculate the total cost of the loan. Being diligent is the only way to get the best auto loan deal with bad credit.

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