Open House – Inside an Exclusive Sea View Villa in one of Croatia’s Most Beautiful Regions

Looking for a wonderful property in the heart of Istra, the most historical center Pula? We have what you are searching for! Pula is known for its multitude of ancient Roman buildings, the most famous of which is the Pula Arena, one of the best-preserved Roman amphitheaters.

This striking Mediterranean-inspired contemporary Exclusive New Sea View Villa in Pula occupies some 700 square meters plot in Istria,Guest Posting Croatia’s wine county. The dramatic views of the deep, verdant meadows as well as a unique panorama view of the tranquil Adriatic sea are visible from every corner of this sprawling property. It is located at the at the end of a gated drive but only 1 kilometer from the center of Pula and the benefits of privacy are matched by accessibility to everything Istria offers to visitors. From the stunning landscapes hills, the vineyard-covered hill towns, pastel fishing villages to the culinary scene and the unique ambience – Istria is an endless sources of creativity.

The distinctive style of the house can serve as a place of tranquility and a place for endless entertainment. The property was designed as a unique escape the modern-day villa is large inside and has an outdoor pool that is private which is the perfect spot to enjoy the stunning views from. Its minimalist and stylish interior features 7 bedrooms with en-suites as well as 7 modern bathrooms with a spacious layout that includes an eating area, kitchen and a large living area. Each room is flooded with natural light due to its glass wallsand many of them let you flow effortlessly into the open and covered decks.

The luxurious property is proudly integrating its beauty into the natural landscape around it. An enthralling mixture of textures, materials and hues such as stone, wood, travertine and glass provides visual appeal and an ambience of refined sophistication, leading the to the enticing swimming terrace. The deck area outside creates an elegant interplay between the luxury and tranquility of the natural surroundings, while catching sun’s rays throughout the day.

As the glass walls of the villas blur the distinction between the outside and in, living outdoors is embraced with entertainment, dining and lounge areas by the sparkling pool. The luxurious lifestyle continues outdoors in the stylish terraces that have carefully selected minimalist landscaping allow enjoying the view of the sun’s setting beneath the horizon in the outskirts of the Adriatic. The villa also comes with the ability to heat floors, barbecues air conditioning, as well as the area for parking is large.

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